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Taiwan, 2017

“If you don’t do this, you’ll regret what could have been”, I told myself and I’ve felt that pang too many times already so I jumped into the unknown and travelled with some other students and teachers from my university … Continue reading

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2015 – 2016

I haven’t posted here in two and a half years, so in point form, here is the gist of some of what I’ve been doing since then. I started studying a Master of Teaching (Primary). I did my first teaching prac … Continue reading

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I’ve been meaning to post about my mockumentary film Dudebro on here as I put it online last month where it was featured on Kotaku. So here it is to watch: As it’s International Women’s Day today, it seems an … Continue reading

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What is game?

I never really enjoyed sports much. Sports are games. You follow the abstract rules to try to beat your opponents and win the game. I understand how they work, but instead for me, the type of physical games I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Freeplay 2012 – Chaos and Grace

Do I know enough of the people there to attend an independent games festival? Have I done enough myself to prove that I belong? Am I just an imposter? My life has been full of chaos, never knowing where things … Continue reading

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Now and Tomorrow

I’ve been enrolled in a Screen course at TAFE this semester. Initially I thought it would a breezy lazy course, but no, but it’s been quite a busy semester thus far. One assessment was to make a short seven minute … Continue reading

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After The Fall

May I shrink to dust In your cold, wild Wastes, And may my tongue speak Its last hymn to your winds. I wanted to do what Shigeru Miyamoto did ever since I read an interview with him in Nintendo Magazine … Continue reading

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On Teaching Yourself

Doom 2 was a light bulb moment in education for me as a teenager. I’d picked up a copy for twelve dollars in a videogames bargain bin at Harvey Norman. There was a time when you could find quality games … Continue reading

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Nazis, demons, and autodidactism

I was about to commence this with the term “PC Gaming Master Race”, but that may be a poor choice of words considering this post starts with Wolfenstein 3D, a game about Nazis. Wolfenstein 3D was the game that moved … Continue reading

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Thoughts on EA controversies

EA has had a rough relationship with segments of the internet in recent times. Let’s recap a few of the controversies. First, there was the negative reception from the changes made to the series in Dragon Age 2. I liked … Continue reading

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