Global Game Jam 2018

I went to the Global Game Jam again this weekend. It was amazing. The last and first time that I went to Global Game Jam was 2012 where I felt defeated and a failure. I said then that I’d return the following year. There were some hurdles in the way but I finally came back this year. It feels like a personal victory to return and this time be able to finish making a game about which I feel pleased.

The theme this year was Transmission and our game is called Going Postbot. You are Postiebot — a robot tasked with transmitting the mail of the future. Unfortunately, the mail has been stolen by the box factory. Enter the box factory and rescue the mail and do your duty.


The game is buggy, as you would expect from a game made at a game jam, but I think that’s one of the beautiful things about the global game jam — everyone knows that they’re not going to make a perfect product over one weekend, but that’s totally fine. The goal isn’t to make a perfect product. Instead, the goal is to just create something in the allotted time. It was a comedy of errors often as people would preface their games at the presentation with, “this is probably not going work as intended”. We all laughed, but we all knew that that was perfectly okay.

The shared enthusiasm of everyone at the site on the weekend was really beautiful and there was a sense of genuine joy as everyone came together to create. Humanity can be rather ugly at times, but on display at the Global Game Jam, all around the world simultaneously, was a side of humanity that was wonderful and something to be celebrated.

Going Postbot can be played at here on Windows computers.

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