2015 – 2016

I haven’t posted here in two and a half years, so in point form, here is the gist of some of what I’ve been doing since then.

  • I started studying a Master of Teaching (Primary). I did my first teaching prac this year and it was stressful but I passed it. I have one more year to go before I finish my degree and can work as a teacher. For my philosophy of education, see this post I made in 2012.
  • I went to Freeplay in Melbourne again in 2015. It was great. I always love seeing what everyone is making.file-31-12-16-12-03-40-amfile-30-12-16-11-56-33-pmfile-30-12-16-11-58-14-pmfile-30-12-16-11-59-11-pm
  • I returned to improving my French and managed to get it to an intermediate level where I can understand what people are saying to me somewhat. I took a class at the Alliance Française and I initially assumed I’d be confused but to my surprise I was able to follow along with what the teacher and other students were saying. I really need to practice speaking it more frequently. Actually speaking a language is the best way to improve it.
  • I started studying Japanese (again) and took a beginner class. I’ll continue studying it and hopefully go there next year as a tourist and ~MAYBE~ teach English there in 2018.
  • The game Not Without My Kittens that Chris and I were working on slowed to an infinite crawl when he returned to Australia from Argentina and I started studying my degree. I don’t know when or if it’ll ever be finished, but it’s not a complete loss as we can re-purpose some of the assets for future games and it was a learning experience for both of us. I’ve been teaching myself to program these last few months and have been making a game called Boundless Plains about a sandcat refugee from Syria. I’ll have more to say about that soonish in the new year. For now though here’s some screenshots of the game at the moment.



It’s been a difficult two years and it seems that almost everyone in the world has hated the year 2016 especially.

Here’s to 2017 being a better year and our hopes and aspirations becoming reality.

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