I’ve been meaning to post about my mockumentary film Dudebro on here as I put it online last month where it was featured on Kotaku.

So here it is to watch:

As it’s International Women’s Day today, it seems an appropriate time to post the film to my blog here as sexism is still a chronic problem in the games industry and within games culture. It hurts the industry and it hurts people. I’m quite proud of the finished film. I’m glad I was able to make it when I was at TAFE last year. There are some minor production issues I would do differently had I had more time and money, but overall I’m really happy with what we made. If there’s one takeaway from the film that I hope everyone leaves with after watching it, is don’t be that guy. Think about what you say and the effect it can have on other people. Words are powerful. Use them to help and not hurt.

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2 Responses to Dudebro

  1. hymnia says:

    Wow. I see the comment section at the YouTube link is a real, live object lesson on why this video is relevant and necessary. 0_o

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