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What is game?

I never really enjoyed sports much. Sports are games. You follow the abstract rules to try to beat your opponents and win the game. I understand how they work, but instead for me, the type of physical games I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Katawa Shoujo

I was first intrigued by Katawa Shoujo when I read Leigh Alexander’s write up of it two years ago, but only recently got around to playing it. Katawa Shoujo is an eroge visual novel in which the protagonist Hisao has … Continue reading

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Super Mario 3D Land (Can Nintendo save us again?)

Crisis had returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser had kidnapped Princess Peach and once again the plumber Mario was tasked to rescue her. That is the plot of the new Super Mario 3D Land game for the 3DS. Quelle surprise! … Continue reading

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The Sims Social

I have a gaming confession. I have never played any games in The Sims series on the PC. They are a hugely successful series and in total, have sold more than one hundred million copies globally. I once had a … Continue reading

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