The Comeback comes back

On Tuesday evening I attended the IGDA Bits & Piece: Finding Funding event at The Arthouse Hotel. It was an evening to learn about finding funding for game projects and also to meet other game developers and playtest their games. There were some great games on display from everyone involved, but I wasn’t intending to show off The Comeback yet as at present it’s much too buggy to be playable. However, I took along my Macbook in my bag at any rate, just in case I ran into anyone I already knew to whom I could show it privately.

I was showing in the corner of the room the game to Josh from Doppler Interactive when we started to gather a small crowd of people intrigued by what game was playing on my computer. It was a nice feeling to have strangers generally intrigued by what I had. I’m looking forward to having the game actually playable in the near future so I can present it properly at a future IGDA meet and get some feedback and thoughts on it then.

Towards the end of the evening, I’d found a programmer who liked the game and offered to recode it for us in Unity. We used GameSalad to make it which is fine for little physics based games, but it’s less than stellar for platform games, which is what our game is. So yah for successful networking!

It raises the question then if we still publish it to the App Store for iPhone/iPod touch or if we just make it a downloadable game for PC and Mac to be played with keyboard/control pad. The issue is with licences, as it would cost us $400 for the Unity iOS licence and then another $99 for an Apple developer licence. This would be fine if we were actually planning to make money from it, but for a first game made for a class assignment that we were planning to release for free, I don’t know if it would be worth buying the licences at this point. At any rate, we’ll make a decision on that later on when it’s finished.

In the meanwhile, here’s two more screenshots from the game:

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2 Responses to The Comeback comes back

  1. So awesome to see ‘The Comeback’ in action Mark! That run cycle is beautiful.

  2. Hey Mark! Love your pixel art, it looks great! I wish I had been able to make it to IGDA bits n pieces, it would have been great to see The Comeback in action :)

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